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Tree Spell













You will need:

  • Biodegradable paper (or leaf found)
  • Charcoal-tipped stick or Charcoal Pencil
  • A piece of flexible vine or natural twine
  • A Dime (or other coin)


All ingredients should be natural as you are going to be leaving them with the tree. You wouldn’t want anything that could hurt the environment.

Find a large tree, (Note: for correspondences look at the post titled Tree Correspondences). You’ll want one of appropriate age, no saplings.

On the paper/leaf write or draw a symbol of what you need. Rise and walk around the tree, clockwise, nine times while saying:

“Ancient one of the ancient Earth, older than time can tell, grant me the power at your command, to charge my magick spell.”

Repeat as often as needed until you’ve walked nine times around the tree.

When you are finished, tie the paper/leaf around the tree with the vine or twine. If you can’t tie it around the tree, tie it to a branch.

After tying the paper/leaf, take the dime and bury it at the base of the tree in payment and thanks. Leave the area so the tree can do its work.

If you return and the paper/leaf is gone, don’t worry, the spell is working.


Blessed Be!

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