Energy Requests

There comes a point in our lives where sometimes we need to ask for help.  If you could use some guidance, healing or extra energy, please comment below with your wish.  Please keep your energy requests appropriate and keep in mind the Threefold Law, that which you put out into the universe will return to you threefold.  Though some pagans don’t believe in a form of karma, those of us here at Ravens Wyrd do.  If you happen to read over some of the other comments, please say a little blessing or prayer for those who have come before you.

If you wish your energy request to remain private, please contact us directly through our Contact Us page.

May the blessing of the light be with you always, light without and light within.  May the sun shine upon you and warm you heart until it glows like a great fire so that others may feel the warmth of it.  And may the light of your eyes shine like two candles in a window at night, bidding the wander to come in out of the dark and the cold. And may the blessings of the rain be upon you, the sweet and tender rain; may it fall upon your spirit as when flowers spring up and fragrance fills the air.  And may the blessings of the rain wash you clean and fair, and may the storms always leave you stronger and more beautiful.  And when the rains are over, may there be clear pools of water, made beautiful by the radiance of your light, as when a star shines, beautiful in the night, pointing the way for all of us.


    • Nic on September 9, 2013 at 7:49 pm
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    I would be happy to light a candle, pray or put forth positive energy for anyone needing it.

    • Emmialle Heron on January 3, 2017 at 8:49 am
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    My stepdaughter is battling addiction and mental illness. She had a baby girl on Dec. 8, and her mental illness went into overdrive. Last we heard, Child Protection Services took custody of the baby and my stepdaughter is flaring into full paranoia. Please send energies for the best possible outcome for both of them. Thank you in advance.

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