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New Chat Channels

Ravens Wyrd would like to announce our new chat channels!  Below is a list of our new hosted channels!

#lobby –  hang out and chat about anything
#help –  general help
#BardicHall –  host classes, teach, learn
#OpenCircle –  ritual, healing & cleansing
#Technomancy –  technology related chat
#TheDungeon –  adult topics, almost anything goes

If you click the chat link in the navigation at the top, or Click Here, you can enter a nickname and join the #lobby.  Once in the lobby you can type /list to see all the channels available or type /join #channelnamehere to join any of the channels listed above.

We are hoping that soon we will have classes available in our #BardicHall.  🙂  If you would like to teach a class, please join our Chat and talk with one of the OPs.

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