Category: Trees

Tree Correspondences


ALMOND: Divination, Clairvoyance, Wisdom, Money, Loans, Business

APPLE: Healing, Prosperity, Love, Perpetual Youth

ASH: Protection, Sea Magic (when away from water)


ASPEN: Protection

BIRCH: Protection, Purification, Fertility, New Beginnings

CEDAR: Prosperity, Longevity

COCONUT: Purity, Chastity, Healing

CYPRESS: Past Life Workings, Protection

ELDER: Healing, Protection, Prosperity

ELM: Protection


FIG: Fertility, Strength, Energy, Health

FIR: Manifestation, All Elements

HAWTHORN: Cleansing, Marriage, Love Protection

HAZEL: Divination, Marriage, Protection, Reconciliation

HEMLOCK: Poison, Not recommended for use.

JUNIPER: Protection

LEMON: Divination, Healing, Chastity, Neutrality

LIME: Divination, Healing, Chastity, Neutrality

LINDEN: Protection

MAPLE: Divination, Love

MULBERRY: Knowledge, Divination, Wisdom, The Will

OAK: Healing, Strength, Money, Longevity

OLIVE: Peace, Fruitfulness, Security, Money, Marriage, Fidelity

ORANGE: Love, Marriage

PALM: Strength

PEACH: Love, Divination

PINE: Purification, Health, Fortune, Fertility, Prosperity

ROWAN: Protection, Strength

SANDALWOOD: Protection, Purification

WALNUT: Healing, Protection

WILLOW: Healing, Protection, Enchantments, Wishing, Easy delivery of babies

YEW: Not recommended for use.