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Release Negativity

You Will Need:

  • a black candle at least 4 inches tall (tapers work great, trim to size if needed)
  • a white candle (taper works best for lighting other candles, or you can find candles specifically created to light other candles)
  • a deep bowl of any type (that you don’t mind getting wax on)
  • an inscribing tool (a special ritual knife or pin works well)
  • a pitcher of water (salt water, cleansed, blessed)
  • appropriate oils
  • appropriate herbs
  • a fire source (match or lighter)

Before you begin, be sure that you won’t be interrupted. Find a quiet spot. Headphones are great for blocking out unwanted noise. Choose a nice soothing music for this.

Begin by focusing on the negativity in your life. It may be a nasty spirit that likes you, negative energy sent to you by others, magic worked against you, or any other type of negative engery in your life, including bad luck. Concentrate on it.

Use that gathered energy to inscribe your candle. Focus that energy into the candle as you scribe symbols or words that symbolize the negativity. Scribe those into the surfact of the candle. Try not to go too deep as to break the candle. See the negative energy flowing from yourself and into the candle. Watch the candle absorb the energy. Continue charging the candle with all that negative energy until you feel it empty from you completely.

Next, relax yourself and concentrate on the energies of the Earth beneath you. Feel these energies course through your body from top to bottom. Focus these energies. Allow them to chase any lingering negative energy from your body and into the candle. Once you feel that all negative energy is gone from you and now resides in the candl, surround the candle with a bright red, warm, energy. This will ensure that the trapped energy will not go else where.

You can then dress the candle, annointing it with cleansing and protective oils. This is optoinal. Just be careful not to get oil on the very bottom of the candle.

Light the white candle with your matches and use its melted wax to affix the black candle, wick side up, to the inside bottom of the bowl. Make sure it’s nice and snug so that it will not move.

Take up your pitcher of water and slowly add water to the bowl. Fill it about half full. Be sure to do this slowly so you don’t break the scribed black candle’s seal to the bottom of the bowl. At this time you can add your herbs. I recommend sage, cedar or sandalwood. You can add other herbs as well such as lavendar for its calming affect or rosemary for its healing properties.

Using the white candle, light the black candle and imagine the flame of the candle changing the negative energy into positive as it slowly burns. Allow the candle to burn until the water extinguishes the flame. Whilte you wait, meditate on the candle. Know that the negativity surrounding you is now gone or will soon disappate. Know that as the candle burns, it also burns away that negativity with it. As the water gets closer to the wick, visualize the soothing flowing power of the water closing in on whatever negativity is left. When it extinguishes the flame, visualize the energy of the water washing the final bit of negativity away, healing the wound.

Once again, feel the Earth below you. Feel its energy offer you strength and protection. Know that you are now cleansed of the negative energy plaguing you.

After the spell is done, take the candle stub and dispose of it properly. You can do this by lying it in a bowl of salt on your alter for a week, visit a stream or river and hold it under water and let the force of the water cleanse it for you, melting it down to be reused (the symbols scribed would then be destroyed so I recommend this option), bury it in a sacred space (safely), or use it in a witches bottle for protection against negativity. There are several options to choose from, do what feels right to you.

You may wish to accompany this spell with a house cleansing as well if the negativity is particularly strong. A cleansing ritual bath is also a good idea.

Blessed Be!

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