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New Ideas: Runes, Databases, and more.

I want to try and do a post every week, maybe twice a week if I’m lucky.  I think I’ll start by taking a look at the runes.  I’ve been reading them for almost 14 years but it has become so natural to me that I think taking a closer look at each individual rune and its meaning could be a great idea for for a weekly article.  Each article would focus on one particular Rune.  I hope to add more than just articles on runes however.  I’ve been working on informational posts about Animal Guides/Totems and how to find them, as well as their possible meanings.

Crinisen and I have been tossing around an idea for a database that would be searchable.  Not just for animal totems, but also for elements, herbs, colors, numbers, etc.  I’m hoping that we can colaberate on this soon and get started.  He will of course work on the coding and I’ll work to make it pretty as well as type up the database myself.  I’m hoping we can add a function to make it easy for contributing members (those who also write articles for Ravens Wyrd) to add information as well.  This is just in the idea stages but I think it would be amazing to actually use.

I’m constantly trying to come up with new ideas for the website and I’m sure, for those of you who have been there since the very first day, you’ve noticed we’ve come a long way from the green.  😉  Here’s hoping you stay with us for what is to come.

Blessed Be,


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