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Raidho raidhosmall

First Ætt – Freya's Ætt
Phonetic Value: R (When using at the end of the word you want Algiz instead.)
Pronounced: rye-though
Other Names: Rad; Reidh, Raido, Rit, Radio
Color: Bright Red

Herb: Mugwort
Gemstone: Chrysoprase
Tree: Oak
Deities and Myths: The Norns, Thor, Wyrd
Meaning: Journey

Keywords: Journey, Travel, Movement, Chariot, Wheel, Riding, Transportation, Road, Destiny, Transformation, Cycles, Path

 When Interpreting Upright: Raidho can show a new path to you. A new journey that you must go on in order for your life to move forward. This journey can be either spiritual or physical. Sometimes this is literally a new path for you. Maybe you're going back to school to start a new trade or maybe you're moving to a new city or state. Sometimes this is just a vacation, a peaceful break from your normal routine. Other times it means a new spiritual path or a new turn on the one you're currently on. Sometimes we need a different view in order to figure things out. This could be a sign that action is needed. Figure out the best course and follow it. A new direction in which to follow. A transformation of self.

In some readings Raidho stands for what is right. The just action to take. It is sometimes associated with organizations, the people therein and relationships of all kinds. Since each is part of a path in one's life, that makes sense. Raidho can also mean that some form of communication is making it's way to you or from you. A new change, something from outside your life.

When Interpreting Merkstave (Reverse or Upside Down): When Raidho is drawn Merkstave, this could mean that there is a blockage or obstruction in your path. Some time is needed to meditate on what that obstruction is and what is the right action to take to 'get over' it. Look at the relationships around you, look at your lifestyle, where are you headed? It's up to you to determine where it is you want to be and how to get there. Sometimes we don't always take the path we should. If any corrections need to be made, now is the time to make them. On the same hand, if there are any actions which have led you astray or that you regret, it's time to make amends.

You can use Raidho in your workings by inscribing it on charms to be placed in your luggage, bags, vehicles, purses, wallets. It can be placed in anything that you will carry with you while you travel. If you're wanting to go on a shamanic journey, astral journey or dream journey, chant Raidho and/or hold it in your hand while start meditating or falling asleep.

Disclaimer: This is not the end-all only interpretation for runes of the Elder Futhark. This is a learning guide written by me for teaching purposes. Each rune guide is a compilation of information that I’ve put together over the years. It is, by far, not the only source for runic meanings and I encourage everyone to research the runes further. Find out what each rune means to you.

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