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Happy Midsummer Solstice – The Crystal Project



This Friday, the 22nd, two days after the Midsummer Solstice we are placing a handful of gemstones, of different varieties, inside our server.  These gemstones will have been cleansed and charged during the New Moon (tonight).  Once placed inside the server they will offer protection, prosperity, healing, cleansing, centering, promote happiness, psychic protection and luck to name a few properties.  We are excited to be able to do this for our users.  As soon as the gemstones are placed users can be assured that Ravens Wyrd is a safe place for everyone.

During the placement, there may be some connectivity issues as we might be shutting down the server for a few minutes as we place the gems.  Don't worry, this should only take a few moments and the server should be back up and running again.  This will be happening between 2-6pm PST.  I will try to log into chat and give everyone a warning before the server goes down.

Happy Solstice and Blessed Be!!!!!!

– Asher