First Ætt – Freya's Ætt
Phonetic Value: TH
Pronounced: THUR-ee-sahz
Other names: Thor, Thorn, Thurs, Thurith

Color: Bright Red
Herb: House Leek
Gemstone: Sapphire
Tree: Thorn, Oak
Deities: Loki, Jotun(Jotnar), Thor
Meaning: Thorn

Keywords: Destruction, defense, conflict, change, purging. Also Danger, betrayal, malice, hatred, lies, spite.

When Interpreting Upright: Thurisaz is a run of power. Unleashing it's energy can result in a primal force either for good or bad. It is a force of defense and destruction. Drawing this rune may tell you that you have outside forces working against you and that need to protect against them. It could mean that you need to suffer through the oncoming storm. With destruction comes new growth. Prepare to contemplate the situation and move forward slowly. You shouldn't make any decisions or actions quickly when this rune is drawn. Look at the runes drawn next to it, if any, to determine what your action should be. They can be a clue as to what sort of force you're dealing with.

When Interpreting Merkstave ( Reverse or Upside Down): When Thurisaz is drawn Merkstave, this should make you pause. You have potentially been left defenseless in what is to come. You could be the victim of some sort of betrayal or unknown danger. This force is negative and usually shows a change for things to come that are destructive, filled with malice, envy, spite. The longer you wait the worse things will get. This rune reversed signals a need for quick action. Try to stay positive and come up for a solution with all haste. If you feel the need to hesitate, do so but use that time wisely. Use that time to look over your life, reconsider the old and integrate the new.

Using this rune in workings can give you a boost of extra power, just be sure to focus on what type of energy you are needing. Draw a continuous line of this rune on a white ribbon, piece of wood or metal and bury it with the points facing outward along the edges of your property for added protection against negative forces.

Disclaimer: This is not the end-all only interpretation for runes of the Elder Futhark. This is a learning guide written by me for teaching purposes. Each rune guide is a compilation of information that I’ve put together over the years. It is, by far, not the only source for runic meanings and I encourage everyone to research the runes further. Find out what each rune means to you.